Amazon Linux 2 Security Advisory: ALAS-2019-1195
Advisory Release Date: 2019-04-26 01:28 Pacific
Severity: Critical

Issue Overview:

When proxy auto-detection is enabled, if a web server serves a Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) file or if a PAC file is loaded locally, this PAC file can specify that requests to the localhost are to be sent through the proxy to another server. This behavior is disallowed by default when a proxy is manually configured, but when enabled could allow for attacks on services and tools that bind to the localhost for networked behavior if they are accessed through browsing. (CVE-2018-18506 )

Type inference is incorrect for constructors entered through on-stack replacement with IonMonkey (CVE-2019-9791 )

Improper bounds checks when Spectre mitigations are disabled (CVE-2019-9793 )

Use-after-free when removing in-use DOM elements (CVE-2019-9790 )

Ionmonkey type confusion with __proto__ mutations (CVE-2019-9813 )

IonMonkey MArraySlice has incorrect alias information (CVE-2019-9810 )

Type-confusion in IonMonkey JIT compiler (CVE-2019-9795 )

Use-after-free with SMIL animation controller (CVE-2019-9796 )

Memory safety bugs fixed in Mozilla libraries (CVE-2019-9788 )

IonMonkey leaks JS_OPTIMIZED_OUT magic value to script (CVE-2019-9792 )

Affected Packages:


Issue Correction:
Run yum update thunderbird to update your system.

New Packages: