Amazon Linux AMI Security Advisory: ALAS-2017-874
Advisory Release Date: 2017-08-17 18:36 Pacific
Advisory Updated Date: 2017-08-31 23:15 Pacific
Severity: Important

Issue Overview:

spikekill.php in Cacti before 1.1.16 might allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via the avgnan, outlier-start, or outlier-end parameter. (CVE-2017-12065)

Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in aggregate_graphs.php in Cacti before 1.1.16 allows remote authenticated users to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via specially crafted HTTP Referer headers, related to the $cancel_url variable. NOTE: this vulnerability exists because of an incomplete fix (lack of the htmlspecialchars ENT_QUOTES flag) for CVE-2017-11163. (CVE-2017-12066)

Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in link.php in Cacti 1.1.12 allows remote anonymous users to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via the id parameter, related to the die_html_input_error function in lib/html_validate.php. (CVE-2017-10970)

Affected Packages:


Issue Correction:
Run yum update cacti to update your system.

New Packages: